The 150 Word Rant

Warren Turner
Feb 28, 2022

If you aren’t angry, you are more than out of touch

A landscape with an big explosion cloud in the distance
Photo by JEFF VRBA on Unsplash

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin believes he owns Russia.

He is our modern-day Adolf Hitler. He only started with Ukraine.That won’t be enough.

The Trump Cult disagrees. They would have loved Charles Lindbergh, an American hero, who supported the Nazis.

So, with white Americans thinking Hilter was a boon to Germany’s economy, the Germany army invaded Poland. Lebensraum!

We didn’t do anything, even when Germany began sending V-2 rockets toward Westminister Palace.

Now Russian troops are advancing on Ukraine’s capitol.

The United States has joined NATO countries to apply sanctions. That won’t work with Putin. He only cares about getting what he wants.

He also doesn’t care how many children and parents of Ukraine are killed.

How long will we wait? Until there is a sneak attack on our Navy?



Warren Turner

A semi-retired, progressive clergy person who writes personal essays about life at 80 and sometimes tries to be funny. Supporter of all LGBTQ+ issues. He/Him