Blue and grey clouds
Sunrise over Duluth is gorgeous | photo by writer

Skies are wonders

Summer Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Shine!”

Every cloud has a silver lining

In the ten months, we have lived in this Duluth apartment, I must have seen dozens of different incredible skies out our east windows. Bright blue and cloudless, thunderstorms, blazing red suns just about the horizon, and my favorite, full moons rising.

My photo here was just before sunrise but…



Large Christmas cactus
Photo by writer

Encouragement for Elders

Six Word Photo Story: Freestyle

Aging is the way to bloom

Our family treasures our easy-to-keep, ever-living plants.

Different names:

There are three main types of “holiday” cacti out there: the Easter cactus (S. gaertneri), Thanksgiving cactus (S. truncata), and Christmas cactus (S. x buckleyi)

But the same fun.

This photo shows one that is over 40 years old. We all…



Warren Turner

Warren Turner

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